Wormes are a species of water creature.


These creatures are water dwellers. They are very dangerous creatures to approach, and are therefore best dealt with by two people, attacking the creature simultaneously.


They vary in size from anything between the size of a small dog to the size of a house. Some have legs, most have tails and all are vicious and bad tempered. There bodies are "sinuous" and "eel-like". They have slippery scales, like that of a fish, yet hard like blades.

Their mouth is full of fangs, which are capable enough to tear off a human leg in one bite. Steam, which is used to hide themselves in some situations, erupt from their mouth. They can also spit out a deadly poison that can penetrate any light material, and be absorbed through the victim's skin, with fatal results.

They are commonly mistaken to be fire-breathing dragons, by unknowing people, because some wormes have short stubby wings and steam erupts from their jaws. Either way, wormes are undoubtedly terrifying.

A worme lying down, in a defensive position.

Weaknesses and prey


Unlike Witches and Wights, Wormes are not vulnerable to Salt and Iron or Rowan Wood, although they are vulnerable to a silver alloy blade.

Dealing with prey

A Worme's prey is, of course, humans. When they catch their prey, they invariably squeeze their prey to death, before eating them; bones and all the rest. Sometimes they even swallow the clothes and shoes. Worms also enjoy to indulge on cattle, and in this case, they just bite deeply and drain them of blood.


These creatures are mainly water dwellers, and although they prefer deep lakes, they will occasionally settle with a marsh or river. Wormes are rare in the County, but can be sometimes found in the County's northernly regions, ranging from the lakes, down almost as far as Caster.


  • The 'e' on the end of Worme is used so it's not confused by the other creature: a worm.
  • John Gregory had a book about them in his library called Dragons and Wormes.