Uibh Rathach is an archipelago featured in the Spook's Destiny.


It is an archipelago, therefore it will presumably be a collection of small islands. There is a house, that belongs to Farrell Shey located somewhere in the archipelago.

It is thought to belong to the Land Alliance.


The archipelago was one of the locations of the war between the Goat Mages and the Land Alliance. It was visited sometime in the 17th Century by John Gregory, his apprentice Tom Ward, and also Alice Deane.


Probably South West Ireland, near the city/town of Kenmare.


Some of the scenery in Ireland.


  • Farrell Shey
  • John Gregory (briefly)
  • Tom Ward (briefly)
  • Alice Deane (briefly)
  • Members of the Land Alliance


  • This is only featured in the Spook's Destiny, where it is one of the most prominent locations.

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