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Thomas Jason Ward is the main protagonist and narrator of Joseph Delaney's children's book series The Wardstone Chronicles. Throughout the series he is often referred to as Master Ward or lad by his master John Gregory. Tom is a seventh son of a seventh son and because of this he has special abilites and is able to sense 'the dark'. As a seventh son of a seventh son, Tom was apprenticed to the local Spook, John Gregory and is Mr Gregory's thirtieth and last apprentice. As well as being a seventh son of a seventh son, Tom is the son of the old god Lamia and as a result has inherited various special abilities. Tom has turned out to be Mr Gregory's best apprentice yet but has also proved to have a hidden darkness within him and being close friends and love interest with witch Alice Deane doesn't help.

Thomas James Ward
Patrick Arrasmith's impression of Tom Ward in the catacombs beneath Priestown.


Joseph Delaney

First Appearance

The Spook's Apprentice

Last Appearance

Currently unavailable


  • Tom Ward
  • Seventh son of a seventh son
  • The Spook Apprentice
  • Master Ward
  • Lad



Eye colour








Early life

Hangman's Hill

When he was younger, Tom was terrifed of the ghosts that roam the hill. Mam silenced it, and from then on, the ghasts remained silent.

A Spook's Apprentice

Number 13 Watery Lane

Alice Deane

Mother Malkin

Binding his first Boggart

Tom was pretty successful at binding his boggart, and it was a Ripper at that too. It was shown that Tom was better at binding his boggart than the Spook. His boggart was causing mayhem and sucking blood from the local priest, Father Gregory. With the help of the doctor, he put the blood dish in the pit and the rigger and mate slowly lowered the stone. The pit that was measured by the mason was lacking 3 feet. As 3 more feet is the size of the pit proper for a ripper.

Trouble in Priestown

The Bane


Morgan and Necromancy
Golgoth and the Round Loaf

The Battle of Pendle Hill

Training with Bill Arkwright


Finding Bill Arkwright

The Fiend's Bargain

The Fight on the Marsh

The Banshee Witch


Isle of Mona

The Shaman

The Buggane and the Grim Cache

Defeating Bony Lizzie

Physical Appearance

Not much is known about Tom's appearance but it is known he has green eyes and is left handed, which is normal for a spook's ( like John Gregory and Bill Arkwright are left handed and green eyes) . In some fanart picture's he is shown to have brown hair and it also shows him on the front cover of the eighth book The Spook's Destiny.

Powers and Abilities

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son powers

As the seventh son of a seventh son Tom has gifts such as being able to see and interact with Ghosts and Ghasts, and being hidden from the long-sniffing of witches.

Powers inherited from Mam

Tom has the ability to "squeeze" time, similar or the same way that the Fiend can, however to a lesser extent, probably because of his lack of experience with the power. He could possibly, although definitely not yet mentioned or confirmed, have inherited other lamia powers from Tom's Mam, Lamia herself. It is a possibiliity, and has been mentioned by Delaney, that Tom could have a 'feral' form as aposed to his current domestic form. Such a form could only be discovered if Tom spent several moths away from any humans, though he doesn't have a scaley spine on his back.

Physical Abilities

Tom, being trained by the Spooks, is fairly skilled in using, and fighting with, his staff, silver chain and his recently found, Destiny Blade . However not much is revealed about his physical abilities apart from that, when he fought Grimalkin (a practice fight), in The Spook's Destiny, using both his power to manipulate time and his physical abilities, he won over, and nearly killed, the witch assassin in the fight. Bill Arkwright also taught Tom to swim, which many people of that day could not do.


Alice Deane

There are many hints that Tom has feelings for Alice Deane, and that they are in fact in love, but just don't know it yet - hinted when Alice almost dies and Tom was more upset than even when his father died.

Later, in The Spook's Destiny, Alice is given to the Fiend by an enemy Celtic witch. Now that she had gone, Tom realizes that he had loved Alice, admitting it to himself, and repremanding himself for not realizing it sooner.

John Gregory


The Fiend









unnamed uncle

Friends, allies and enimies.


The Spook

Bill Arkwright

Mab Mouldheel

Tom saw Mab Mouldheel as his enemy, due to her being the head of the Mouldheel clan. Mab, however, wanted Tom as her own, and got a shock when she discovered, that he already 'belonged' to Alice.


Tom and the witch assassin of the malkin clan have a very peculiar relationship. Tom, being a seventh son of a seventh son, is a natural enemy of the dark, and vice versa. However, Tom and Grimalkin are considered friends as well as allies in the fight against the Fiend. Even though she once attempted to kill Tom, Grimalkin has saved his life on numerous occasions. She has now allied herself with Tom, the Spook and Alice in order to destroy the Fiend. She has currently him bound and is in control of his head, whilst the other three find a way to destroy the fiend forever. Grimalkin fears that, in the ordeal the four are in, not all of them will survive (she was scryed her death).


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