The Spook's Tale is a prequel companion novella which was released on March 5th 2009 as a flip-book for World Book Day. The books tells a short story of an encounter John Gregory had with a witch as a Spook's apprentice. The same story featured in the flip-book was included in an alternative US companion work titled The Spook's Tale and Other Horrors. The said work includes a short story from the first-person perspective of Alice where she is captured by the Mouldheel witch clan and Grimalkin's Tale, which was later collected in the UK short story collection The Spook's Stories: Witches.

The Spook's Tale
Cover of The Spook's Tale/Interception Point flip-book released for World Book Day 2009


Joseph Delaney


Horror, Chiller, Children's Book, Mild Fantasy, Weird Fiction


Bloomsbury/Random House Children's Books

Release Date

March 5th 2009 (World Book Day)


128 Pages

Place in the series

Companion - Prequel

Followed by

The Spook's Stories: Witches

Book Description

How would you like to train as a spook? I need a brave lad for my line of work . . . The Spook keeps the County safe from creatures of the dark; things that suck your blood and snatch your bones and squeeze the breath from your body. When young John Gregory stumbles into the trap set by a powerful witch, it seems he may possess some spook's skills of his own. But is he ready to face the dark or will his first fight be his last?

Plot Summary

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