The Spook's Nightmare
The first edition cover of The Spook's Nightmare published by Bodley Head


Joseph Delaney


Horror, Chiller, Children's Book, Mild Fantasy, Weird Fiction


  • Bodley Head (UK Hardback)
  • Red Fox (UK Paperback)
  • Greenwillow Books (US Edition)

Release Date

May 27th 2010

Place in the series

Book Seven


  • 400 (UK)
  • 448 (US)

Preceded by

The Spook's Sacrifice

Followed by

The Spook's Destiny

The Spook's Nightmare is the seventh novel in the children's book series The Wardstone Chronicles written by English author Joseph Delaney. The novel was originally published on May 27th 2010 by Bodley Head in hardback but since then it has been released in paperback (published by Red Fox). The book also due to be released in the US as The Last Apprentice: Rise of the Huntress on August 17th 2010 due to 'spook' may be viewed as a racist term to some of the American population.

Book Description

The Spook, Tom and Alice return from Greece to find the County under siege - and the Spook's home is burnt to the ground. With his precious library of knowledge destroyed, they seek refuge on the nearby island of Mona. But with Mona in the thrall of a twisted Shaman there is little respite from hostility or denizens of the dark. And as Alice dodges the ever-tightening net of the island's witch hunters, a more deadly enemy emerges . . . Bony Lizzie, freshly-escaped from the Spook's bonds, has grand ambitions: to take for herself the throne of isle. She has harnessed the services of a tunnel-dwelling buggane, an evil creature which thrives on stealing the animas, or life force, from its unsuspecting victims. With the buggane as her secret weapon can she become an all-powerful Witch Queen?

Book Chapters

  1. Red with Blood
  2. You Ain't Dead Yet!
  3. 'The Old Man'
  4. Rats with Wings
  5. The Abhuman
  6. Another Dead One!
  7. Thumb-Bones were Taken
  8. Buggane Lore
  9. The Attack of the Buggane
  10. A Dangerous Opponent
  11. The Witch's Pet
  12. The Boneyard's Eye
  13. My Gift to the County
  14. Fight to the Death
  15. Thumb-Bones
  16. Your Master's Worst Nightmare
  17. Stone Dead
  18. A Lost Spirit
  19. The Grim Cache
  20. Immense Power
  21. Prepared to Fight
  22. The Battle at Tynwald Hill
  23. Nightmares
  24. Terrifying Things
  25. The Beating of Wings
  26. Corrupted by the Dark
  27. I'll Take Your Bones Now!
  28. The Buggane
  29. One for Sorrow
  30. A Full Reckoning