The Quisitor, also known as the High Quisitor was a man that hunted witches as well as spooks.


The Quisitor hunted witches, but his victims were usually the falsely accused. He saw spooks as enemies of the Church. When he caught someone, he would hold a quick trial, where he acted as judge, and used swimming to test a suspected witch, throwing her into a deep pond. Innocent if she drowned, but guilty if she floated. He also used a needle to find the Devil's mark, an area on a witch's body that's not supposed to feel pain. After being stabbed with the pin many times, the poor woman's body becomes numb and doesn't feel the needle go in. If she doesn't cry out, she's considered guilty and burned at the stake.

The Quisitor became an executioner and organized the burning. He was a cruel man and positioned the stake carefully so that the victim would take a very long time to die. He grew rich from the money he made selling the homes and property of those he condemned.