The Light is the main protagonist group in all of the Spook's books.


All living things that are born into this world have a choice either to follow the "light" or serve the "dark". The "Light" is a symbol of all good in the world and is used to inspire people to fight the forces of the "dark".

Definite Servants of the Light

Most of the characters featured in this list will be Spooks, and there will be another list within this article on the Light's allies. That list will include those who have helped members of the Light briefly. Now for definate servants of the Light:

  • Tom Ward
  • John Gregory
  • Grimalkin (clashing briefly with the Dark)
  • Brother Peter
  • Bill Awkright
  • Mam (was the old God Lamia, until her redemption)


  • The Dark and the Light are very much similar to the Force in Star Wars, with the dark side and the light side (Good vs Evil).
  • These can essentially be called Heaven (light) and Hell (dark).