The County is the setting of The Wardstone series.


Pendle hill

The real Pendle Hill in Lancashire.

It is based on the real-life, English county, Lancashire. The locations such as Chippenden and Caster are based on locations in Lancashire. Chippenden is based on the town, Chippen, and Caster is based on the city of Lancaster. Activities such as Witch testing did actually happen in Lancaster. Preisttown is based on Preston.

There are, however some locations that are not real, such as the Wardstone.

The Pendle Witches are actually based on the rumoured clan who dwelled on Pendle Hill, which is mentioned a few times throughout the books.

There are many beautiful hills and spots of scenery, and have many fields.


The County is set in England, specifically in the North West region above Manchester.


  • Anglezarke - appears in The Spook's Secret.
  • Preisttown - appears in The Spook's Curse, and is based on Preston.
  • Chippenden - appears throughout the series and is based on Chippen.
  • Pendle - appears many times throughout the series. The home to the three main witch clans: Deanes, Malkins and Mouldheels.
  • Caster - Lancaster, one of the biggest cities in Lancashire. It doesn't appear at all, but is referenced.

For more locations from the books, see: Other Countries in the Spook's Universe


  • Many of the people from the County have a broad accent, similar to that of the Spook's.
  • There are farms all over the County.
  • It is based on Lancashire.

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