The Bane


Joseph Delaney

First Appearance

The Spook's Curse

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The Spook's Curse


Old God


The Dark




Old God, the Bane

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The Bane is the main antagonist of the second book.  He is a malevolent spirit

The Bane was a god to the Seganti for many years, but the power corrupted him and he grew to love chaos and horror.  For an untold reason The Bane is scared of girls, as is told to Tom by John Gregory, and seen when The Bane fled from Alice when she spat and hissed at him. The Bane drove many brothers and priests in the Priestown cathedral to suicide, twisting their minds until they were so desperate to escape his influence that they jumped off the roof of the church.  The Bane corrupted many priests in the cathedral as well, turning them evil and using them to do his bidding.He also made them give him blood, giving him strength.  He is defeated by Tom Ward in the second book of the series.


The Bane can shape shift into anything any person it wants, making it easy for it to fool those with weaker minds into doing what he wants. He has the power of the "press", which can flatten people until they have to be scraped off of the cobbles in order to bury them. Another power of his is to call upon storms, which shows that he is powerful enough to disturb the elements. He can also read minds, predict the future, and twist dreams of people making them weak and vulnerable, all parts of his ultimate power; persuasion. After long enough of having their dreams twisted even those with strong minds can fall prey to this powerful entity.


The Bane was a powerful spirit that terrorized The County for many years which was then being worshipped by the Sengati. But the Seganti's worship began to corrupt The Bane making him more and more sinister finally leading him to terrorize Heys the Seganti king, in which The Bane demanded a yearly tribute of one of Hey's seven sons. As the sixth son died Hey's died of a broken heart. Only Naze the seventh son of Heys was able to bind him, first by making a blood pact with him then sending him to the center of the earth for a quest for knowledge. As The Bane was away for three days it gave Naze and his people enough time to make the Silver Gate as The Bane returned to the catacombs Naze then used the blood pact to bind him to the Silver Gate and can only leave once through the gate and if he ever returns will be bound for an eternity. After the command The Bane killed him at the spot and crushed his bones and pushed them through the holes of the Silver Gate so the Seganti can bury Naze properly.

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