Stone Chuckers
Stone Chucker from Spooks Secret
The Stone Chucker of Hurst Farm




The Dark

A Stone Chucker was a type of boggart, featured throughout the series.


They literally threw stones and boulders, to cause chaos or to inadvertently kill. One was discovered on Anglezarke Moor at Stone Farm, which the Spook was forced to deal with. After destroying the tree, the boggart was using as a stop, the boggart moved away towards the Hurst Farm. Here it caused more chaos. As the Spook used himself to sap the power of the boggart, which finally destroyed it, he became injured badly in the process. (The Spook's Secret)


Stone Chuckers are a type of mischievous boggart that terrorises families or any trailer that goes anywhere near them by chucking and throwing various sized stones or boulders at them. These often change from a Hall Knocker due to the lack of attention they get. These boggarts can be reasoned with.

Stone Chuckers that indivertibly kill a person (impaled by a rock or boulder) are deemed a ‘Rogue Stone Chucker’ and cant be reasoned with. These are noted to be just as dangerous as a Ripper and are bound or killed.