Spook's: Slither's Tale
Slither's Tale
First UK Edition Hardback Cover


Joseph Delaney


Horror, Thriller


  • Bodley Head
  • Red Fox
  • Greenwillow Books

Release Date


Place in Series

The Wardstone Chronicles: Book Eleven


No information

Narrated by

Thomas Jason Ward

Preceded by

The Spook's Blood

Followed by

Spook's: Alice

The eleventh addition to The Wardstone Chronicles follows Slither's narrative, featuring close to no relation to Tom Ward, the Spook and their upcoming battle with the fiend, other than the appearance of and references to by Grimalkin, the witch assassin.

Book Description

Far from the Wardstone, a new darkness is rising . . .

Slither is a Haizda Mage who preys upon humans, drinking their blood to feed his dark urges, so when a local farmer dies, it’s only natural that Slither should want to feast on his lovely daughters.

But then the farmer offers him a deal, and extracts from Slither a promise that will take him on a journey to the City of the Petrified Tree, to a fallen star-stone that holds great power, and straight into the path of Grimalkin, the Witch Assassin.

Book Chapters



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