Spook's: Alice
Spooks Alice
First Edition Cover in the UK


Joseph Delaney


David Wyatt


Horror, Thriller


  • Bodley Head
  • Red Fox
  • Greenwillow Books

Release Date


Place in Book Series

The Wardstone Chronicles: Book Twelve

Number of Pages

365 (Paperback)

Narrated by

Alice Deane

Preceded by

Spook's: Slither's Tale

Followed by

The Spook's Revenge

Spook's: Alice, AKA I Am Alice in the US, is the twelfth and penultimate novel in The Wardstone Chronicles and follows the perspective of Alice Deane as she ventures into the dark in pursuit of the Dolorous Blade, necessary for a ritual Tom Ward intended to perform on Halloween.

It was announced as The Alice Deane Diaries, in an interview Harper Collins hosted with Joseph Delaney, and the idea was based on Alice and the Brain Guzzler, a short story focused on Alice's past and training with Bony Lizzie, in The Spook's Stories: Witches. The name was later revised to I Am Alice, but was changed to simply Alice, while the US edition kept the name.

Book Description

Over the years, Alice has fought evil side by side with the Spook and his apprentice, Thomas Ward. But now Alice is alone – in the realm of the dark. And the creatures she has helped to banish there, now have the chance to take their revenge.

Alice must seek the final weapon needed to destroy the Fiend for good. If she fails, the world will fall into despair and darkness. If she succeeds, it means facing her own death at the hands of her dearest friend. But can she prevent the darkness from taking her over completely . . . ?

The penultimate installment of the Wardstone Chronicles follows Alice, Thomas Ward’s loyal companion, to the most terrifying place of all.

Book Chapters

  1. A Price To Pay
  2. The Kretch
  3. What Manner of Creature?
  4. The Skelt Domain
  5. The Downcast Dead
  6. Predators and Prey
  7. How It Began
  8. The First Scars
  9. The Reluctant Soul
  10. Blood Spots
  11. Do You Need Blood?
  12. Betsy Gammon
  13. A Horrible Thing
  14. What Can You Do?
  15. Elizabeth of the Bones
  16. The Dance of Death
  17. You Little Fool
  18. The Dark Moon
  19. An Old Enemy
  20. Jaws Wide Open
  21. A New Threat
  22. The Bones of Beezlebub
  23. The Blood-Filled Eye
  24. The Throne Room
  25. The Testing
  26. The Strong Ones
  27. The Spider Daemon
  28. Poor Brave Thorne
  29. Heart of Darkness
  30. Good News and Bad



  • The Dark - Alice entered many domains in the Dark, including areas inbetween, in pursuit of the Dolorous Blade
  • Pendle - This was visited in Alice's flashbacks to her training with Bony Lizzie
  • Caster - This was visited in Alice's flashbacks to her meeting with Salty Betsy
  • Malkin Tower - This was visited in Alice's flashbacks to her testing and meeting with Raknid
  • Bill Arkwright's House - This was visited in Alice's flashbacks to her meeting with Salty Betsy
  • Chipenden - Alice entered and returned from the dark in a forest near Chipenden

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