Spook's: A New Darkness
Spook's A new darkness
UK First Edition Cover


Joseph Delaney


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Horror, Thriller


  • Bodley Head
  • Red Fox
  • Greenwillow Book

Release Date

5th June, 2014

Place in Book Series

The Starblade Chronicles: Book One

Preceded by

The Spook's Revenge

Followed by

Spook's: The Dark Army

Spook's: A New Darkness, places itself after The Spook's Revenge, based on Tom Ward's career as a Spook, with his new apprentice Jenny, the first female Spook's apprentice.

The book is the first in the trilogy of The Starblade Chronicles, followed by Spook's: The Dark Army. It was originally released on 5th of June, 2014, in the form of hardcover. it was re-released as paperback by Red Fox in Febuary, 2015 and hardback and paperback in the US on September 1st, 2015 by Greenwillow Books.

Book Description

Girls are dying in mysterious circumstances . . .

They are found dead in their beds, covered in blood, with a look of pure horror on their faces. Worse still, their ghosts are left to walk the earth, just waiting for someone to hear the terror that has befallen them.

Thomas Ward is the local spook – it’s his job to protect the county from things that go bump in the night. But this is no ordinary haunting, and he finds himself on the path of a dangerous beast that is looking to kill again.

He soon realizes this beast is just the beginning. An army of monsters is massing in the north, and it poses a threat to all mankind.


  1. A Mysterious Death
  2. The Girl with the Mousy Hair
  3. Bad Things Happen
  4. Where the Beaaty Lives
  5. Purrai Have No Rights
  6. Help Me, Please
  7. The Starblade
  8. John Gregory's Apprentices
  9. A Neetle Patch
  10. The Haunted House
  11. A Rare and Special Type
  12. Nicholas Brown's Glossary
  13. Tom Ward's Test
  14. Mother and Daughter
  15. A Girl Like You
  16. The Bones of Little Children
  17. Practical Lessons
  18. The Vartek
  19. The Pursuit
  20. The Fanatical Gleam
  21. Grimalkin's Notes
  22. Times are Changing
  23. The Scream of the Boggart
  24. The Journey Begins
  25. The Shaiksa Assassin
  26. The Sign
  27. Prince Stanislaw
  28. A Premonition of Death
  29. The Worst Day of My Life
  30. The Grief of Grimalkin
  31. Washing the Body
  32. A Terrible Mistake

Grimalkin's Notes

Glossary of the Kobola's World



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