A Spook is someone who fights the dark, a magical force of evil. One of the minimal requirements to become a spook is to be a seventh son of a seventh son, this entails them to see what normal people can’t see and hear what others cannot.

Spooks possess a wide knowledge of the creatures of the dark and have an arsenal of weapons to aid them in fighting the dark. Spooks are often seen wearing a cloak and staff and are often left handed. They also contain a wide knowledge of the lay of the lands which helps them travel from jobs.

Spooks keep documentation of their jobs, writing in their journals to further increase their knowledge of the dark. Such as the case of John Gregory, who keeps a rich library of books such as a bestiary, journals, records, maps and charts and feels as though his job is to preserve the books for future spooks. 

Spooks arsenal:

Silver Chain

Anything possessing silver can be used to fight the dark, the spook specialise in casting a silver chain to bound and constrict its target.

Blade or Knife

A silver infused dagger can be used to kill or inflict heavy damage to creatures of the dark.


The common weapon of anyone who goes by the trade, the staff is often made of rowan wood which proves to be highly effective against witches and some staffs possessing a silver infused retractable blade.

Salt and Iron

Salt is used to burn the dark while the iron is used to bleed away its strength. Combined with a glue derived from bone, it is used in the binding of Boggarts. A witch pit or grave is sealed off by 13 iron bars, this is to stop them from escaping and in the case of Bill Arkwright, who uses salt diluted water to repress the Water Witches strength and a salt water moat around his home to keep them from escaping.


The spook to the north of the county, Bill Arkwright uses dogs to aid him in the marshlands and often uses them to devour the heart of witches.