The Silver chain is another of the ways used to deal with witches.


A silver chain is used, because of the vulnerability that the chain causes when is makes contact with a witch. Even being touched, will cause the witch a great deal of pain.

Use by Spooks

Spooks commonly use the silver chain as a means to restrain a witch. In his bestiary, John Gregory explains how to bind a witch, using the silver chain:

  1. The silver chain should be coiled around the left wrist.
  2. It should be cast with a twisting upward motion of the hand, so that it spins widdershins, against the clock.
  3. Enough elevation should be gained so that it drops over the witch, tightening as it falls, but not enough that she has time to evade it.
  4. It is important to get an angle of what we call "spread". This means that the chain should bind the witch from head to knee. With sufficient practise, it is possible to ensure it tightens to her teeth.

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