As the seventh son of a seventh son Tom has gifts such as being able to see and interact with Ghosts and Ghasts, and being hidden from the long-sniffing of witches.


  • Mediumship: Tom has the natural ability of all seventh sons, of seventh sons to speak and hear the dead, and spirits past.
  • Magical Skill: Although being a spook is considered a craft, all spooks are capable of performing feats of magic, but are forbidden to do so because all the dark can sense when someone uses magic. For example, Tom used a mirror to communicate with Alice.
  • Sensing: Tom can sense the presence of a witch or who is a witch more accurately than his master or other spooks.
  • Immunity: Tom, along with other seventh sons, of seventh sons are immune to long range sniffing of witch's and are immune to the Siren's song

Notable People

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