The Sengati or known as the little people were the natives of The County, like their nickname, says they were small people but gradually grew in size as invaders came to their the world and married one another. So they aren't extinct their blood still runs in those who live in The County. The Sengati worshiped The Bane, a malevolent spirit that terrorized The Sengati for many years including their king, Heys. The Bane demanded a yearly tribute from Heys making him sacrifice each of his seven sons each year. After his 6 sons, Heys died of a broken heart. Hey's seventh son Naze managed to bind The Bane in the catacombs by making a blood pact with it and winning at The Bane's own game. But sadly after Naze's great plan The Bane killed him on the spot then crushed his bones and gave them to the Sengati so they could bury Naze properly. But even thought The Bane was bound some of The Sengati still gave The Bane burned offerings, many people were pressed for their trouble.


In Shadow Hearts From The New World a simiular creature close is named like Seganti. Expect they are curesd monkeys that appear from the window. Thier attibute is light.

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