Scylla are a species of water beast.


Scylla are a type of fierce Water Beast. This creature can be found only in Greece.


The creatures vary in size, but each Scylla has seven heads, two tales and five limbs. They are entirely covered in green scales, and take on an appearance similar to that of snakes.

Behaviour and history

These creatures hide in underwater foliage, then scuttle out at great speeds, to seize their prey - who usually consist of fishermen or unwary travellers of the sea.

The first Scylla is said to be one of the children of the first Lamia. This is because of Scylla's "voracious' appetite, as John Gregory describes it. It is therefore thought to have been passed down from Lamia, through the Scylla's descendants.


Scylla are exclusive to the islands of Greece. The creatures dwell in freshwater rivers and lakes that Greece have to offer; making their homes in the underwater foliage.

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