Scarabek is an Celtic witch who worships the Old God, the Morrigan. In Rage of The Fallen, She attempts to kill Tom multiple times, to avenge her sister. Her husband is Thin Shaun and they have a son, Konal. Scarabek was responsible for causing the jibber ghosts to appear and works with along with the goat mages of Ireland.


Scarabek seeks revenge on Tom Ward, accusing him of the murder of her twin sister. On her first attempt, she gives Tom to the goat mages, who use him as a sacrifice to Pan, but Tom made a pact with the Old God, enabling Tom to escape. On Scarabek's second attempt, she tricks Tom, bringing him to the Otherworld, the domain of the Morrigan. Tom is then saved by the Celtic hero Cuchulain, and returns to our world. On Scarabek's third attempt, she decides to deal with Tom herself, intending to kill him with her knife. But before she could lay a finger on Tom, Alice finally kills Scarabek with dark magic.

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