"Priests!  Why don't they stick to what they know!  Let me get on with my business and other folks on with thiers." - John Gregory

Priests are servants of the church in the Last Apprentice Series.  They often resent spooks for dealing  with the dark, which they consider their own job. Priests use their holy books and the cross to deal with the darkness. Though John Gregory thinks that this is not the right way to deal with the darkness, it is proven that prayers help to fight against evil. John Gregory tells Tom that he does not dislike the church for their believening in a G-d, because he has gotten out of situations where there was absolutely no chance of surviving. The Spook has a friend that was trained in the duty of a Spook, but later chose to be a priest. Gregory values him very much because he is trained well in both lines of work, and is very sad when he dies, from the dark creature, Tibb.

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