The south-west of the Pendle District is home to many different witch clans. Most of these are small, nameless clans but three deadly clans whose villages are correspondent to each other in the shape of a triangle known as the Devil's Triangle.


This is the oldest & the most powerful of the Pendle Witch clans. The current leader of the Malkins is Anne Malkin, & with Grimalkin as their witch assassin. Goldshaw Booth is their home. The Malkins were once in possession of Malkin Tower & were proud of it too- until it was taken by the spook & his allies. Now it is protected by two Vaengir Lamia Witches.


The Deanes are the least creative of the main clans, but at Halloween, The Fiend usually appears to them rather than the Malkins or the Mouldheels. This may be because most Deanes worship The Fiend when more Malkins oppose of him. Their home is Roughlee.


The clan earned their name from their old habit of going barefoot wherever they go. Subsequently their feet get very dirty & smelly, causing outsiders to call them the "Mouldy Heels" or "Mouldheels". They live in Bareleigh, & the leader of the clan is a fierce teenager called Mab Mouldheel.

Lesser Clans

Pendle is a popular place for many human witch clans, though other than the three main clans the others are small, nameless & unknown.

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