Pan, is the god that goat mages worship, they summoned Pan in The Spook's Destiny with a goat sacrifice.

He sometimes appears as a pretty young male boy playing on a flute.

Spooks: The Dark Army

Pan appears in the book Spooks: The Dark Army and he plays a minor role in the book. He is one of the few gods that rebel against the god of the Kobalos Talkus and his arch nemesis is the old God Golgoth who wishes to transform the earth into a frozen wasteland and only let the Kobalos live on Earth.

First battle

In the book, Meg Skelton, Grimalkin, Alice Deane and Tom Ward goes to an area in the County where Kobalos mages are trying to summon Golgoth into the County through a pentagram but Tom Ward crashes their ritual and manages to kill three of them but one manages to escape. The ritual has already been completed and Golgoth is summoned. Tom Ward and the rest try to attack Golgoth but failed resulting in Meg's and Grimalkin's death. Grimalkin dies but gives Alice enough time to call Pan to fight. Pan at first appears in his boy form and does not Attack Golgoth, but once Alice forces him to, Pan uses all his power and banishes Golgoth back to the Dark but is unable to truly destroy him.

Earth Witches

Not much is known about Earth Witches since there weren't any, but Alice reveals that she has become the first and only Earth Witch because Pan has turned her into one, indicating that there would be more in the future.


Earth Magic: Since Earth Witches are trained by Pan, they can change control the Earth and do things like what Toph can do in the Avatar like making the ground shake A LOT.

Call Of Pan: Earth Witches were taught by Pan, they can summon the Old God himself but it requires a lot of magic. Alice summoned him once and almost died from using to much magic.