The Old Gods were beings who controlled different elements and aspects of life in the ancient world.  However, they were slowly forgotten until almost none remembered them.  Many of them are still remembered in the minds of witches and necromancers. Also, the Old Gods seem to be remembered by old stories and myths from long ago. The Greek gods are also counted as a part of the Old Gods in addition to these. Some believe that the Old Gods are good, but in reality they are petty and cruel and generally plague mankind. However, some do seem to have some redeeming qualities and nothing is so black or white. Nepotism seems to be a large factor in this.


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Golgoth is one of the Old Gods; he controlled ice and winter, and he is known for is powerful and continous blizzards. He was worshipped by the first men in the county, who gave him blood sacrifices; which made Golgoth feel more and more superior towards men. Then, one day during the sacfice of the blood he ingorged himself by the moor at Anglezarke. However, men began to gradually forget Golgoth, and then he became trapped and forgotten. Golgoth's ability to control cold is so extreme that his blizzards could make human flesh and bone extremely brittle and prone to shattering in an instant. It is also believed that any Ice Age that occured on the earth was orchestrated by him.

The Fiend

The Fiend is the most powerful of The Old Gods. He is "The Dark made Flesh," He holds the most territory in The Dark. Said to be the very oldest of the Old Gods, he goes by many names such as; the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Old Nick, and The Father of Lies. Ever since Man came into existence he has always meddled with their affairs, growing stronger by the centuries. He visits our world on certain sabbaths by the witches who summon him or when a witch, mage, or mortal seek to make a deal with him, hence the term Faustian Deal. The Fiend's main goal in spreading darkness over the world is having children with witches, often they can be born a witch, mage, or abhuman; however, if the child is pure human, he will kill the child upon his 1st arrival. In exchange for bearing a child, the witch gains protection from his power and is shielded from his influence. The Fiend has many powers ranging from shapeshifting to being able to turn day into night, but his most greatest power is his persuasion that can tempt even the purest of souls.


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Ordeen is an old god of Greece. Her magic consists of fire and could possibly be a counterpart to Golgoth since the both of them are elemental forces of nature. She is unique as she needs no help passing through the portal from the dark, something not even The Fiend can do. Her servants are the maenad assassinans, flying lamia witches - vaengir, and fire elementals. She appears in our world every 7 years in a pillar of fire, in which her citadel, The Ord is in. It is said every time she visits thousands of people die by the chaos she causes. The range in which she can attack people has been limited as monks prayers keep her trapped in the southern plains of Greece which is very surpising due to the fact that The Church has no power to fight the dark. However, this works due to the monk's purity of heart. Ordeen is also arch rival to Lamia, Tom's mam.

The Bane

The Bane was a malevolent spirit that tormented the people of Priest Town and before then the beings known as the little people. It can be disputed whether or not the Bane is one of the Old Gods because the concept had not been explored much in the book however there is evidence to support that it may have been, but also evidence that it may not have been. The spook tells Tom that as far as he knows it is a unique creature and was worshipped as a god by the little people. The Bane also has several unique powers not seen being used by other creatures of the dark, such as "pressing" which means he pushes an invisible force on someone's shoulders until they are squeshed into a splatter, reading minds, and basic shapeshifting. He has very few weaknesses, but can be killed by a silver blade to his heart, resulting in a huge energy surge that could kill the person who killed him. Women scare him, so he frequently kills only males.


Main Article: Aphrodite
Is a Old God from Greece, the diety of beautiul things in the world, her name comes from how she was born from the sea as foam. Believed to be Zeus's golden child she can be both beautiful and deadly. Her charm over men reflects even upon the storms of the world, both to drive away storms and silence the winds. Believed to be the wife of Hephaestus, some have questioned their marriage for the most ugliest and beautiful to be together. Aphrodite may have him allure to give her some advantage over something.


Artemis comes from the Greek pantheon, described as a cruel huntress, but a lover of woods and wild places. While alluring and athletic, she draws in men who cringe in fear of her hideous shape- Hecate, the queen of witches and ruler of the gloom. She appears on the darkest of nights near crossroads, taking souls of the trespassers who wonder to far. Many people believe her to be a protector of children, yet she demands blood sacrifices in order to please her.


Hephaestus is the blacksmith of the Old Gods. He crafts amazing weapons with great powers, such as the destiny blade. He is lame and considered to the be the only ugly god. Now he sleeps in the dark, but their is nothing proving he cannot come back. But yet left a dangerous legacy behind him. There are supposedly weapons in existence that Hephaestus manufactured

The Morrigan

The Morrigan is a Old God that takes the form of a giant crow, a celtic witch, or a cross between the two. She hails from Ireland, the extent of her powers are unknown but, she is a deity of revenge and slaughter. When she scratches your head or lands on your shoulder she marks you for death. She did this to Bill Arkwight a year before he died.

Pan (The Horned God)

Pan has a double sided personality. His normal form is as a young boy playing reed pipes. Though when conjured up by goat mages, he distorts the body of a goat. Though the Old Gods like to be worshipped it is mentioned that Pan is just used by the mages for power.


Siscoi is the lord of Romainian vampires, and appears in book 10 Lure of the Dead. He is very frequently brought through a portal into our world. Even from the dark Siscoi can send out his spirit to reanimate the dead or possess the living, Romanian spooks have no protection from him, for he is the most active and malignant of the Old Gods, even more than the Ordeen. When Siscoi animates a body, his minions remove the bones and skin from the muscle, which the devour. He appears as the bloated skin of a loved one filled by air alone, but as he feeds the corpse turns red from the blood.


Zeus used to be the king of the gods but has long since receded into the dark. Lord of storms and the controller of the sky, he uses the thunderbolts as his main weapons. Zeus had a bad habit of falling in love with mortal women who gave birth to his children, but were punished by Hera, his jealous wife. Among Hera's victims was Lamia.


  • Although The Fiend is the most powerful of The Old Gods, he is not the leader; that is Golgoth. As well even though Golgoth is the leader of The Old Gods, Siscoi is considered The Fiend's serveant.
  • The name Old Gods suggests that their are now New Gods, or a new God.

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