A necromancer is a type of mage, a wizard or magician.  They are first introduced in Night of the Soul Stealer The word necromancer comes from the greek word nekros, which means corpse.  A spook deals with the unquiet dead as a routine part of the job.  This involves giving them a good talking to and encouraging them to pass onto the light.  A necromancer does the exact opposite.  They bind the dead and encourage them to stay on the earth to serve their purposes and make them rich.  Necromancers usually become rich because the bereaved will pay hard earned money to see or have a conversation with their beloved dead.  So necromancers use the dead, either as spies or preying on grieving, vulnerable folk.  Necromancy is usually just a case of trapping graveside lingerers or someone bound to their bones because of some terrible crime they committed during their life.  However, in rare cases of an extremely powerful necromancer, they will trap the dead in limbo, stopping them from reaching the light, and summon them at will into the presence of the living.

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