Morgan Hurst is the adopted son of Mr. and Ms. Hurst, a couple living by Anglezarke. Morgan did many things in his life, most bad, and is a necromancer. He successfully raised Golgoth, killing himself the process. His prized possession is the chest from Golgoth's round hill.

Early Life

Morgan was the seventh son of a local tanner, Edwin Furner & Emily Burns. Edwin Furner was a seventh son of a seventh son, and so Morgan is the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son, causing him to believe himself to be superior to spooks and other seventh sons of seventh sons. He tried to think of John Gregory as his father but eventually Morgan grew impatient & left in his third year. He was adopted by the Hursts, & fell in love with their daughter, Eveline. The Hursts wanted them to be siblings so they beat him, & he left. Eveline drowned herself. Morgan turned to the dark, and became a necromancer.

Life as a necromancer



Morgan is described to have an unruly thatch of black hair, with some gray and silver areas in it, during the beginning of the third book. Later on, Morgan is seen with deeper lines in his face, and a lot more gray. Possibly caused by some sort of harmful dark magic or drinking, as he is shown enjoying wine.


Morgan and his adoptive father once had a positive relationship before he was adopted into the family, but after the death of Eveline everything turned bad. Morgan often mocks and bullies his father, occasionally going so far as to become violent with him. 

Mrs Hurst

Morgan has never been seen hitting his adoptive mother, and doesn't seem to mock her as much as Mr Hurst.

Eveline Hurst

Morgan and Eveline were originally going to be raised as siblings, but when they were sixteen they began a romantic relationship. Mr and Mrs Hurst, angered at this, beat them. Sometime after Eveline killed herself, Morgan became a necromancer and took control of her soul for his own gains.

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