Mercer's Whore: An Epic Fantasy
The first edition cover of Mercer's Whore published by Ripping Publishing.


Joseph Delaney under the pseudonym of J.K. Haderack.


  • Adult's novel
  • Horror
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Science-Ficton
  • Weird Fiction


Ripping Publishing.

Release Date

September 10th 1997


400 (UK first edition)

Mercer's Whore is the debut novel of writer of The Wardstone Chronicles, Joseph Delaney. He wrote this novel under the pseudonym of J.K. Haderack for unknown reasons. It could be because he thought the name was more appealing to readers or because he didn't want his name to be associated with the novel for other reasons. Mercer's Whore was admittedly very unsuccessful and few know that this was Delaney's debut novel. However, since the release and great success with The Spook's Apprentice, Mercer's Whore has gradually become more recognised among fans of the series.

Mercer's Whore is totally unrelated to any of the books in The Wardstone Chronicles and is therefore a stand-alone novel.

Book Description

The temple of cards conceals many dark secrets and; facing Kum, the Temple Guardian, many warriors have died in slow agony. Now a new challenger approaches, but it is a woman - Mercer's Whore - who stands between the force of light and the power of the darkness . . .

Plot Summary