Meg Skelton is a domesticated Lamia witch and the love interest of John Gregory.


Her physical characteristics are that she has silver hair, high cheek bones and looks like a young woman even though she is old.


As shown in the Spook's Secret, Meg can be scarcastic and rather schemeful. Although, she still shows care when feeding the Spook and Tom by bringing them food daily, but still is rather heartless by trying to feed the Spook to her blood-sucking sister, Marcia. But, she did think about giving Tom a less painful punishment, but ended up just being selfish and cruel- making herself end up in the pit along with other Lamia Witches like herself.


John Gregory rescued her from an evil abhuman in a Tower and he slew the abhuman who terrorized the region with his staff.

When Tom Ward visited the house at Anglezarke Moor, she broke free from the Spook's memory draining tea. She attempted to feed him to her sister Marcia, but was later forced to go back to Greece with Marcia.

At the end of The Dark Army, Tom Ward, Alice Deane, and Jenny Calders returned to the house at Anglezarke Moor to find that Meg, who had turned back to her feral lamia form, had slain 3 Kobalos warriors. She had come back, hoping to see John Gregory, but Tom informed her that he had died. She wept openly. Meg then told Tom that Marcia had died in Greece, but didn't reveal the circumstances of her death. Meg joined the group on the raid of the round loaf to stop Golgoth. Meg sacrificed herself in the fight against Golgoth in The Dark Army.


  • Allure: She was powerful enough to use magic to manipulate a sevent son of a seventh son
  • Curses: She knows a lot of curses and is powerful enough to invoke them on wide variety of people. Curses used by her:
    • nasty boils all over someone
    • infestations of lice and coakroaches
  • Cloaking: She is powerful at cloaking and was able to cloak herself dancing naked at moon from other people.


John Gregory

Meg is the secret love of John Gregory and even though she is malevolent witch and killed many people. Furthermore, he kept her out of a pit and protected her from the locals.

Marcia Skelton

Her sister's name is Marcia Skelton who is a feral Lamia witch. She also cares a lot about her, even though she is a malevolent witch and they usually do not care about their family, but Meg released her and kept her.