The Malkin Clan Is the most powerful clan in Pendle, also the first to arrive. The Malkin clan has a record of very good assassins such as the current one, Grimalkin. The Malkins own(ed) Malkin Tower on the edge of the Devil's Triangle.


While the coven lives at the Malkin Tower, the rest of the clan lives in the Goldshaw Booth village.

  • Anne Malkin – leader of the Malkin clan.
  • Bony Lizzie – Bony Lizzie is Alice's "aunt" (later discovered to be her mother) and Mother Malkin's granddaughter. She's a dangerous witch practicing bone magic, hence the nickname 'Bony'. She trained Alice in witchcraft for 2 years. She was caught by the Spook at the end of The Spook's Apprentice but escaped in The Spook's Nightmare after reaching her 40th birthday. In the film adaption, played by Antje Traue, Bony Lizzie is Alice's mother and sister to Mother Malkin. She instructs Alice to spy on the Spook and Tom and assists Malkin in wreaking havoc upon the city. At the end of the film she fights Mother Malkin because the latter threatens to harm Lizzie's daughter. She ends up being killed by Malkin, but manages to wound her griveously in return.
  • Mother Malkin – A malevolent witch who is the main antagonist of "The Spook's Apprentice".She is able to use blood magic and has committed several acts of murder, like pretending to be a boarder for expectant mothers so she can kill them and their babies in order to use their blood. When Gregory learned of this, he bound Mother Malkin and placed her into a pit, where she became an old hag as her powers seeped away into the earth. Years later, Bony Lizzie has Alice use Tom by sneaking Mother Malkin cakes filled with suet, bits of meat, and Alice's blood. She was able to escape, but Tom fought her and killed her by striking her with a rowan staff while she was in running water. She came back, possessing the butcher towards the end of the book, in order to be reborn as Tom's niece. Tom throws salt and iron at her, and she slowly begins shrinking and turning into goo. She is then eaten by the hairy pigs on the farm. In the film adaption, played by Julianne Moore, Mother Malkin's story of being imprisoned is changed. Here she is the former love of Gregory and originally a good witch. In response to the humans' hatred for her kind and her own fears she embraced the Dark and even murdered Gregory's wife out of envy. Mother Malkin is freed at the start of the blood moon, and attempts to recruit her followers while seeking revenge on Gregory and the humankind. In the end she is griveously wounded by Bony Lizzie and killed and burned by Tom.
  • Grimalkin – The 33-year-old[2] assassin of the Malkin witch clan, she is a malevolent witch skilled with knives and scissors in combat. Her mark is a pair of scissors. She nonetheless follows a strict code of honour not to use trickery in combat, to the point where, when ordered to kill Tom, she regretted it as she would not be able to face him when he was at his prime, and offered him a quick death (although he did survive). She gained protection from the Fiend by bearing him a son. The baby was not a witch but an ordinary boy so the Fiend killed him. As a result of this, she vows to destroy him. For that reason she's unlike the average antagonist as her hatred often makes her side with Tom. Grimalkin is the best character in physical limits and has battle smarts. She is the best Malkin Clan assassin. Grimalkin soon dies in the Starblade chronicles and is reborn in a different undescribed world of the dead. Although most of the witches and people are used as food for new creatures that will hopefully be described in a new series or book.
  • Needle- A Malkin Clan assassin known for killing her victims with a long spear.
  • Thorne- An apprentice of Grimalkin who has the potential to suppress her mentor as a witch assassin. She is later killed by the Fiend's servants while trying to retrieve the Fiend's head. In the Dark/Hell, Thorne later attempts to revive herself by betraying Alice (who was sent there by the Fiend), but she later regrets her decision and helps Alice escape.
  • Kernolde- A Malkin Clan assassin known to form alliances with dead witches who kept her in her position for so long. She dug traps in the Witch Dell which Grimalkin fell into when she went to duel Kernolde. She is later killed by Grimalkin.
  • Maggie – Maggie Malkin was hanged at Caster three years before the events in The Spook's Battle and the clan left her at Witch Dell. She has bulging eyes and a longer than usual neck, with her head twisted to the left. She's dressed in a long dark gown covered in patches of mold.[3]
  • Tibb – A kretch (as outlined by Grimalkin) made to balance Mab's power. Created the past Halloween before the events in The Spook's Battle by the Malkin and Deane clans. He's a powerful scryer, small yet stronger than a grown man.[4] The Spook kills him at Norwell's residence after he shares Wurmalde's plans for Lammas.
  • Radu - The leader of the Malkin Clan's assassins who is a movie exclusive character. Radu is played by Djimon Hounsou.