A malevolent spirit can be anything from a Ghast to a dead witch. 


A ghast is the fragment of evil left behind when a soul goes to the light.There is nothing a spook can do about a ghast because the soul has already gone onto the light. Mr. Gregory hopes that future generations find a way to get rid of ghasts. All ghasts fade after years, and years of replaying their crime over and ovre again.


Ghost  is a tormented soul trapped in the world of the living. A spook usually can send a ghost to the light but the ghost may leave a ghast. Some ghosts have commited soch terrible crimes thet they can only walk the mists of limbo.

Abhuman Spirits

Abhuman Spirits are the spirits of poor souls  who have walkes the mists of limbo so long that they no longer remember humanity. These spirits appear as half human half beast and are very hard to get to reach the light. These spirits can remember little of their life and are a special job for a spook. Although hard some spooks can send these spirits to the light.

Dead Witches

A Dead Witch is a malevolent witch who has died and become bound to their bodies. These witches feast on blood and awaken at night. After a witch is buried, on the next full moon she reanimates her body. Dead Witches range in power from only being able th crawl short distances to being able to range for miles. All Dead witches are exceptionally strong and are almost impossible to pry from their victims.

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