Malevolent Witches are one of four types of witch.


Malevolent Witches are extremely dangerous. They use powerful magic, and are therefore one of the main enemies of Spooks. They terrorise innocents, and generally cause trouble.

Sourcing Power

These witches draw their power from the dark and pursue their own ends - either without any consideration of the consequences for others, or deliberately setting out to do harm. While some serve the Fiend directly, many act of their own volition. 

Power and Ability

There is a whole spectrum of power and ability. 

At the lowest end of the scale, witchcraft is dabbled in to survive; it is a means to fill the belly and gain shelter against the cold. Such witches are little more than beggars.

At the highest end of the scale, whole kingdoms may rise or fall at the whim of a powerful witch.

Notable Persons

Some of the more notable malevolent witches are:


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