Mages are males that have magical capabilities, so they are basically the opposite of witches


Mages are a powerful physical being forces that have been known to serve the Dark, and the Old Gods who live, there are the source of their power.

As well as power they have the advantage of there being a large number of them. Mages have many variations in type and tactics, with various types of magic being practices in different lands.

Characteristics of Mages

Mages are very powerful, because they can utilize the dark for their spells and these can come in many forms like summoning the god Pan or making a bunch of incompetent soldiers into very capable ones.

Types of Mages

Goat Mages

Goat mages are mages who worship the old god Pan and have an alliance with the celtic witches.

Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses

Silver Chain

A silver chain is very effective when battling with a Mage, if casted just at the right time, it can fully bind a Mage, which is a very painful experience for them.

Salt and Iron

A mixture of these two substances can be very effective against most creatures of The Dark.

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