Lord Barrule


Joseph Delaney

First Appearance

The Spook's Nightmare

Last Appearance

The Spook's Nightmare


  • The Shaman
  • Lord of Greeba Keep
  • Head of The Ruling Council of Mona


The Dark





Defeated By

Bony Lizzie

Lord Barrule was a dark shaman and the ruler of Greeba Keep. He made his only appearance in The Spook's Nightmare.


Lord Barrule was a Shaman on the island of Mona. He was the head of "The Ruling Council", as well as the ruler of Greeba Keep. It was stated by Simon that he was a cruel man, and also a heavy gambler. He once had a bear shipped in and made it fight against a pack of wolves. He is first seen after capturing Claw, Blood and Bone. After using magic to make the dogs do what he wants, he used them to capture Tom and forced him to fight Bony Lizzie, who he had also captured along with Alice. However, Bony Lizzie used her magic to help Tom, Alice and herself escape. Once Tom is re-captured, Barrule planned to make him fight his own dogs. Just before Tom was killed by them, the ghost of Bill Arkwright was summoned by Bony Lizzie, who told his old dogs to killed Barrule, who was then quickly ripped to shreds by Claw, Blood and Bone. His thumbs were cut off by Bony Lizzie.

Physical Appearance

Barrule is described by Tom as a tall, gaunt man, dressed in a dark robe. He was skeletal, and a cruel face. Tom added that he "had rarely seen such malevolence and cruelty in a face."


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