The Land Alliance is an organisation of the Light.


The Land Alliance is an organisation consisting of land-owners in Ireland. They are led by Farrell Shey, who is a land-owner, and fighter of the dark. The Alliance is at war with the Goat Mages, who are worshippers of the Old God, Pan.

The Alliance is based in the town of Kerry, where the goat mages are also based.

Another location that belongs to the Alliance is the Uibh Rathach peninsula, which is the location of Farrell Shey's mansion. They are also the occupant of the Ballycarberry Castle, which was under siege by the Goat Mages, when the Land Alliance members (including Shey), were inside.

They are said to have six or seven archers in their forces.

Members and allies


Main Article: Goat Mages
Their main enemies are the goat mages of Ireland, who worship the Old God, Pan. The Alliance are always at war with the goat mages, who use powerful dark magic to fight the Alliance.


The Alliance's primary base is most likely seen as being Farrell Shey's mansion, although there are other locations:


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