Kratch is the Spook`s pet boggart. Kratch made a deal with the Spook years ago saying that the boggart cooks and cleans the house. In return, anything in the garden is his except anything that is already bound. He must give three warning growls first if the thing entering the garden is human. The pact states that it will last until the house no longer has a roof. When the Spook`s house was burned down in The Spook`s Nightmare the boggart left. But later in The Spook`s Blood, Tom brings back the boggart but makes a new pact with him instead of the Spook, stating that everything is the same as with the old pact, except if he calls Kratch three times, the boggart will come and aid him in battle. Kratch has made appearances throughout the series, but the boggart's most important moment is in The Spook's Revenge. When facing the witches in Cymru, Tom summoned the boggart. Kratch made quick work of the witches and the pact was set. On Halloween, Kratch was also summoned and limited the coven's power and helped to destroy the Fiend. The boggart survived the battle and can continue to help serve Tom in situations in which he cannot handle.

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