Kobalos are a unique species of The Dark; in such a way that most knowledge of them in the County are only rumors. Kobalos live so far north, that only the people of the north know about their existence. But all people agree that they are a race of cruel and coniving beasts whose only goal is to expand their empire and destroy all traces of the human race.


Kobalos are a race of creatures that have the face of a wolf or fox, but their tradition dictates them to shave all hair on their face; as well as their hands and arms. Their face looks human but with a much sharper nose and ears. All Kobalos walk upright on their back legs like people. Kobalos also have a long tail that funtions like additional arm, they have full control over their tail similar to a monkey's tail. Their tail also functions as an extra sense, enabling them to sense any danger or magic that is being used. Kobalos wear long black coats and tall boots, there is an addition to the coat to accomodate for their tail.

Customs and Traditions

Kobalos are a warrior/mage race, their traditons revolve around charging into battle with weapons drawn and glory the prize. To a Kobalos a blizzard is the most perfect weather condition for a battleground.

The Kobalos have their own gods and beliefs, they believe there is a place called Askana, which is a dwelling place for their gods. There is speculation is this place is just another part of The Dark.

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