Judd Brinscall is a character in The Wardstone series.

Judd Brinscall
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Vital statistics
Title Mr
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Spooks
Health Well
Level Spook
Status Deceased
Location Windmill, Caster


Judd Brinscall trained as a Spooks Apprentice under John Gregory. He then moved to Romania, setting up relationships with witches from the country, and finally moved back to the County, where he found his ex-Master, and his new apprentice, Tom Ward. Brinscall took part in the Battle of the Wardstone.

He now lives in the Caster Watermill, which once belonged to Bill Awkright. He still has ties with Tom Ward.


  • The character first appeared in The Spooks: Blood.
  • His last name, Brinscall, is a small village in Lancashire, which could have been the inspiration for it.