Jenny Calders is a character in the Starblade Chronicles.


She is the first apprentice of Tom Ward, and, more notably, the first female Spook's apprentice. Jenny was apprenticed to Tom Ward, who was, at the time, stationed at his Chipenden house.


Jenny is a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. She was a foundling and adopted by a farmer couple who also had two daughters.

Her father didn´t have a job and, as a result of his frustration, hit Jenny once. With her empathic abilities she managed to get him happy again.

One day she meets her real mother who is dying. Jenny learns that she is a descendant of the "Samhadre", ancient beings that possessed inhuman powers. Her mother states that she will inherit a small portion of "who [the samhadre] were". After this she wants to become a Spook. She tries to convince two other Spooks (A Spook called Johnson and Judd Brinscall) before contacting Tom.

Powers and Abilities

Mediumship: Jenny has the natural ability of all seventh sons, of seventh sons and seventh daughters of seventh daughters to speak and hear the dead, and spirits past.

Marksmanship: Jenny manages to whip her chain around a post 2 out of 3 times.

Empathy: She is able to feel the emotions of other people. Sometimes she's also able to feel the emotions of animals or Kobalos.

Invisibility: If Jenny doesn't move and doesn't want to be seen most people just ignore her.

Fighting strengh: Jenny is unskilled but talented



  • Jenny was first mentioned in the Spook's: Revenge even before her first appearance in the first Starblade Chronicles novel - A New Darkness.