Jack Ward is a character who appears throughout the Wardstone Chronicles.


Jack Ward is eldest of the seven Ward brothers and part of the Ward Family. Jack is jovial and patronizing to Tom, but later, he reveals an underlying jealousy when he tells Tom that he had always been their mother's favorite. That later turns into greater animosity at each brush with danger that Tom's job entails. 

He is married to a woman named Ellie and they have two children together, a daughter named Mary and a son named Matthew.

Jack is also afraid of Tom being a spook as he told Tom only to come when and leave before dark due to being attacked by witches.

He has inherited the Ward Farm from his father, and consequently he has the job of upholding the farm and passing it onto his son - inkeeping with family tradition.


Jack is the eldest son of Mam and Dad. He is the older brother of both Tom Ward, James Ward and four other brothers who are at this time unidentified.

He is married to Ellie, and they have two children together - Mary and Matthew.

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