Hangman's Hill was the hill used to hang the men of the county when war had raged over the whole land. In the last winter of the previous war, there had been a big battle to the north, just on the outskirts of Tom's village. The winning army had brought their prisoners to the hill, known later as Hangman's Hill, and hanged them, including some of their men for their so called cowardice to fight the enemy. When Tom was a child, Ghasts haunted the Hill, and even normal people could feel the coldness of the there. Tom encountered groans and creaking coming from the hill every night. Mam silenced the ghasts on the Hill, and from then on, they remained silent.

The Spook's Apprentice

When Tom was first accepted by the local spook, John Gregory, as an apprentice, he was taken up to the Hangman’s Hill to face his fear of the groans and creaking. The old spook taught Tom to overcome his fears of the hill, and explained to him why only he could hear the noises, because he was a seventh son of a seventh son.