Golgoth, also known as the Lord of Winter, is a character in The Spook's Secret.


A supporter of the creature, Morgan Hurst once tried to summon the creature before he was stopped. The second time, afte stealing the grimoire, he travelled to the Round Loaf with Tom Ward as a sacrifice. Golgoth was summoned during the ritual, however, inside a magical barrier, which killed Morgan. Golgoth's power, however, was sapped, and he disappeared before he could be saved from the magical barrier. (The Spook's Secret)

Possible Return?

Unlike the other old gods Golgoth is not destroyed but just dormant. Joseph Delaney may be planning to bring Golgoth into another book of his. And what could be worse is that he may join as an ally to The Fiend. Which could be possible since The Fiend is hobbled and cannot kill Tom directly lest he will only rule for 100 years or so. Also Golgoth may want revenge for Tom's refusal to blow out one candle. He would prove as a powerful ally as well. Spreading snow and ice everywhere in the County causing famine and frost bite to everyone. With The Fiend and Golgoth working together they would be unstoppable. Both snow and darkness together the most fearful elements ever known to spread havoc.

Golgoth- one of the Old Gods. Name means "The Lord of Winter." Began as powerful elemental force that loved the cold, a spirit of nature that gradually grew in consciousness. Drew power from being worshipped and became willful. Stayed too long after allotted season, so winters became prolonged. Some think this helped to bring about the last Ice Age. The round loaf high up on anglezarke moor became his special altar. Human blood sacrifices made at winter Solstice ( Dec 21) to applease him. After gorging himself on blood he'd fall into a deep, satisfied sleep and allow summer to return. Men eventually stopped worshiping him, so his power faded. Still stirs in winter so it's dangerous to get close to the round Loaf.

The return of Golgoth

.WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS.In the new series: spooks a new darkness. Golgoth returns as an ally to the newly born Talkus. The kobalos worship him and summons him to the battleground with devastating effect. He nearly wipes out an entire army. But his most monumental achievement is being summoned by kobalos mages in the round loaf to kill of both Meg Skelton and Grimalkin. Luckily right after that incident Alice summoned Pan who manged to send Golgoth back to the Dark.