Goat mages are mages who worship the old god Pan and have an alliance with the celtic witches


They seem to be a very aggresive beings and blood thirsty, as they sacrifice their own kind for power. They also have a team instict as they perform all of their magic in forms of groups, like when they enhanced their strength of their leader with a group of 8 mages.


They seem to be very powerful in groups as they are said to controll all of south ireland. They also seem to be very powerful and capable magic performers in groups as proven by their magical feats:

  • to make 4 incompetent gunners competent
  • to summon the old god Pan
  • to enhance the strength of their leader

Worshipping of Pan

They worship Pan like they said, eventhough they technically torture him by summoning him for power. They summon him by putting him in a goats body.This ritual often fails. To stop this they increased the number of times they do the ritual from once a year to twice. In the ritual they kill of 4 members of the mages and then let the god be possessed.

Alliance with the Celtic Witches