Also known as the unquiet undead, Ghosts are the souls of humans that have not moved on. Usually they are bound by crimes or a horrific event in thier life. Also the souls of humans who have taken their own life are harder to move on or they can't move on at all. Ghosts are ranked from the roman numeral I to X, I being the strongest. Ghosts have various abilities like moving objects, appearing and disappering, trying to choke the living, and able to sense the lives of others who have a special bond with that person. Ghosts that have moved on may leave a part of themselves on earth which are called ghasts. Also a ghost who has comitted something really terrible or has stayed in Limbo to long may turn to what we call Abhuman Ghosts which are ghosts that have transformed into horroific beings that are doomed to wander in pain till the ned of the world. Unlike like most things a Spook deals with Ghosts that are not all evil, some are just poor souls who need a voice of reason to finally move on into the light.

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