Fire Elementals are characters that appear in the Spook's Sacrifice.


Fire elementals are denzims of the dark that serve The Ordeen. They cannot exist in the County, because it is to wet and windy. However, Greece is a perfect place for them. They can be many shapes and sizes, however, most take the shapes of orbs. You can see through some, but others are more solid looking. The more solid looking ones are more dangerous. Indoors they float near the ceiling, but they can move very fast and suddenly. They cause severe burns that lead to a painful death. They can burn a man to ashes almost instantly. Some are larger than a human head, and some are smaller than a fingernail. Smaller ones try to go up your nose and sizzle your brain, or go down you throat and into your stomach. Around noon, they are usually found near rocks from which they draw power.

Different Types of Fire Elementals

There are a couple different types of fire elementals.


These are fire elementals that are shaped like a fiery five armed starfish. They cling to walls and ceilings and drop down on unsuspecting victims and burn them to death in seconds.


This is the most dangerous type of fire elemental. It looks like a large lizard and it sleeps in a hot fire. It can spit fire or scalding steam.

Other Information


They are weakened by water, and go into a state of hibernation. They can be killed by the blade in A Spook's Staff