Father Stocks is a character in the Spook's Battle.


He is described as a 'very big man, broad across the shoulders and at least two or three inches taller than the Spook." Father Stocks was a priest, and therefore wore a black cassock.

He was presumed to be around the age of 30, at the time of the book he is featured in. He is said to have a 'friendly, honest face.'

********************************************* SPOILER ALERT *********************************************

Stocks is killed by Tibb in the Spook's Battle, before the Battle of Pendle Hill.


Stocks was, at first, an apprentice Spook to John Gregory, and was one of the few who completed their time. After deciding that being a Spook wasn't for him, he decided to join the Church, and become a Preist. He was made the Priest of a parish near Pendle, where he was close to the Pendle Witch Clans.

By the time of the Spook's Battle, Stocks contacted John Gregory, just in time for the Pendle Witches bringing the Fiend into the world.


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