Father Gregory is a character in Wardstone Chronicals


Father Gregory was born in the Anglezarke Moor, but grew up in 13 Watery Lane, Horshaw and lived with his brothers and their abusive father. At some point in his life he became a priest, and dedicated himself to the Church.

After John Gregory tested his apprentice Tom Ward at his childhood house, he passed the Church and saw his brother, Father Gregory, standing in the doorway with an angry expression on his face, as he had no respect for spooks. Ignoring him, John and Tom continued on to the spook’s house in Chipenden.

Tom later had to travel to Horshaw to deal with a boggart, who had burst through the church floor and grabbed Father Gregory, and started sucking the blood from his leg. Tom called for a local doctor called Sherdley, who took blood from the priest and later amputated his leg, putting tar on the stub, to stop his leg from getting infections. They later binded the boggart, and the priest survived.

A few days later, a man arrived at the spook's house in Chipenden, and informed them that Father Gregory had died. Tom Ward and the old spook later traveled to Priestown for the funeral.