Father Cairns is the cousin of John and Andrew Gregory and a priest in Priestown.


Devout to the ways and prejudices of the Church and without an open mind he believes that the Spook is evil, and at the end of their apprenticeship sells their souls to the devil in order to have the power to take out boggarts, and advocates the possibility that women lack souls (though he did admit in this instance that it is still disputed) and that the power held by Seventh sons of Seventh sons is superstition.

He tries to sway Tom with sanctimonious speeches about God and duty while sending soldiers to arrest his master. It should be noted that despite everything that he did, betraying his cousin to be burned, imprisoning Tom and trying to forcibly convert him; all his actions in his single appearance was when he was under the influence of the Bane - in the end Father Cairns was actually a friend in need to the Spook.