Familiar Magic is considered to be the most powerful magic and can be harnessed to be both great and terrible. A familiar has to be weaker than the witch, so that the witch can control them.

Possible Familiars

  • Cats- to scry on another witch or scratch out their eyes
  • Bats and birds- advantage of flight and enable witches search for enemies and victims
  • Cats(usually black)(most popular)-they are quick, cruel(play with prey) and subtle
  • Snakes- thanks to familiar magic they become venemous and the jaws become more powerful
  • Toads(least powerful)(employed by old or weak witches)-well suited for boggy terrain
  • Higher order familiar- these are beings like daemons, sometimes they even over power their witch


  • Witches can use an animal or person as eyes and ears for tracking and stalking prey.
  • Used to control other creatures of the dark; such as boggarts, ancient spirits or an Old God.
  • Can easily do tasks that would be otherwise impossible, such powerful things can be under their control, if they are able to.
  • Witches can use more than one familiar
  • The type of animal used ranges based on their advantages. Bats and birds have the advantage of flight. Cats are the most popular because a witch and felline's nature is almost just alike. Snakes are common for their ability to kill. Toads are the least favored by ordinary witches except the old, but are more useful to water witches.


  • Familiar can see through the eyes of the controller.
  • Witch must use her own blood for full effect.
  • The witch may do the familiar's bidding if too much blood is given.

Notable Witches

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