Dirty Dora


The Spook's Stories: Witches

Dirty Dora is a dead witch, who lives in Witch Dell, the 'home'/place for dead witches in the Wardstone Chronicals. She is a former member of the Dean clan and used to steal from people and scare them into giving her money. She scared one man into giving her money, who told her to come back for it and she can have it. When she came for it, the man and several other men beat her unconscious. She was then tested by a witch-finder using the drowning and needle methods (these methods don't work). She was then convicted of witchcraft and hung. Dora before death was never a powerful witch and was more of a number in the Dean clan. She watched, as did most other Dean members, as Grimalkin, the Malkin Witch Assassin, hurled 3 silver blades through the chest of the fiend, banishing him, when he visited the Deans on Halloween. Dora's death followed and in Witch Dell, she became fairly powerful, and nearly remembered the 'wanted' witch, Grimalkin, who no one realized, banished the fiend that day.