A dead witch is a type of witch which lives on after death because the soul of the witch is bound to their bones. To stop a witch from returning they must either be burned or have their heart eaten, for any other method will in the corpse reanimating.

A dead witch’s appearance is that of her corpse, as such the soul of a witch is bound to their bones and witches of can remain in them after death. It is practiced by John Gregory to bury a dead witch upside down and caged in preventing the witch from slowing digging her way to the surface; instead, the witch is tricked into digging a deeper grave.

Their powers are the same like other witches, but in time their mind changes: they will forget their memories of life & whom their loved ones are & who are enemies. Their magic also wane quickly after resurrection. All they think about is blood. Some of them are very fast while others often drag themselves around. Every dead witch is capable abnormal strength. Regardless they are still dangerous and can regain their strength after ingesting blood of animals and humans. After years, if not killed, they will decay, their limbs will fall off & finally they will find themselves in the dark.

Dead Witches are similar to Zombies in popular culture.