John Ward


Joseph Delaney

First Appearance

The Spook's Apprentice

Last Appearance

The Spook's Secret


  • Dad
  • Mr. Ward


The Light






John Ward was a sailor and farmer from the county. He was the husband of Mam, patriach of the Ward Family and father of Tom.


John Ward was born and bred in The County. He was the youngest of 7 brothers. As a young sailor, he traveled to Greece where he found Mam tied to a rock. He rescued her and brought her back to the county, where they got married and had 7 sons. He became a farmer and owned a prominent farm in Chipenden. At the time of The Spook's Apprentice, he was living with his wife, his eldest son Jack, his youngest son Tom and Jack's wife Ellie. He arranged for Tom to be apprenticed to the local spook, John Gregory. He also became a grandfather in the first book, after the birth of Mary Ward. In The Spook's Secret, John caught pneumonia and eventually died. His funeral was attended by all of his 7 sons, excluding the youngest, Tom, who arrived too late. The farm was then taken over by his eldest son Jack.

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